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My Tava therapist is professional and straightforward. I also really love the online scheduling and virtual appts. Thank you for making it so accessible for me to finally focus on my mental health.

Tava Client

Oh my goodness. My therapist was incredible. The sessions helped me in every area of my life. Cannot speak more highly of Tava.

Tava Client

My therapist is amazing and available often. This process has removed a lot of the barriers to traditional in-office therapy, and it has given me the tools to succeed.

Tava Client

Having someone to connect with that you can open up to, have to resound yourself off of, just to hear yourself think out loud, properly, without judgment, is probably one of the best forms of therapy and self improvement I can think of. I have found that with my Tava therapist.

Tava Client

Tele-therapy has been super easy and reduced a barrier to traveling to a therapist. The skills of the therapist I see have been a good fit for me. Now I have less anxiety and worry about my ability to do my job.

Tava Client

Just....thank you. This is a critical tool in my fight for sanity and peace. That sounds extreme, and maybe it is. It's been a tough year.

Tava Client

Tava has been great because I can work my appointments into my workday without having to consider drive time, childcare or sitting in a waiting room. It's wonderful to have somebody to talk to about what's going on in my life without having to commit to an in-person appointment each week.

Tava Client

I wasn't sure what to expect but I was absolutely pleased with the process. Both my daughter and I felt heard and relevant.

Tava Client

The techniques used for my special needs are science based research proven to work. So far, therapy is really benefiting me in ways that seemed impossible before. Yaaay hope!

Tava Client

My therapist is incredible. Not enough good I can say about her. Dealing with admin and finance stuff has been a piece of cake. It's an amazing service. I have less anxiety, help making hard decisions, encouragement when times are tough. My life is better because of therapy.

Tava Client

Tava is so great since it is tele-health, so I can take a lunch during my work day to do appointments in my car.  It allows flexibility, which I need to fit in appointment. I am happier, more grateful, and starting to show up the way that I am proud to be.

Tava Client

I have loved having more accessible mental healthcare. The option to call in to a therapist makes it so much easier to prioritize. I don't feel any need to be in-person, and enjoy how easy it is to connect with a healthcare provider quickly.

Tava Client

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of Tava clients love their experience


report improved mental health after just four sessions


are now better at their jobs


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