An ROI-Driven Mental Health Solution

Companies today need a mental health benefit that works for their employees and their bottom line. Enter Tava Health, where clinical mental health access meets unparalleled ROI, ensuring a holistic solution that prioritizes both employee well-being and business success.

Our typical impact with employers



12x higher than traditional EAP


Reduction in turnover for employees that use Tava


Reported improved mental health after just four sessions

How tava works with people & HR teams


Leave outreach
to us!

Leave outreach, onboarding, and support material to us. We'll tailor all of it to meet your employees needs, and preferences.


Employees match with a licensed therapist

Connecting with Tava's team of therapists is fast, easy, and convenient. Need a same-day or after-hours appointment? No problem.


Employees get help any time, anywhere

Tava's therapists provide personalized support, treatment plans, and even preventative care through video.


Tava supports HR with engagement and insights

94% of employees report improved mental health after using Tava.

What makes Tava different from an
Employee Assistance Program?

First and foremost, we're not an EAP. EAPs are designed for brief interventions and short-term care, while Tava's comprehensive approach offers higher care quality and faster access to support for short-term needs, as well as ongoing care for employees who are struggling with persistent mental health issues.

Can Tava Health integrate with my health plan and HRIS?

Our friendly platform easily plugs into all major HRIS tools as well as insurance carriers, making it easy for your HR teams to get a more accurate, bird’s eye view of care utilization and administration across the company.

Insurance carriers

HRIS Platforms

Let's take care of your people together.

See how Tava can help you increase retention, lower medical costs, and boost your culture by bringing care to your employees that need it most.

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