Let’s take care of your people together.

See how Tava can help you increase retention, lower medical costs, and boost your culture by bringing care to your employees that need it most.

Employers love it. Individuals love it. Hear why:

A lot of the people raved about Tava. When we announced it, I could see people's faces; their eyes would get bug-eyed. It's really rare to provide free health benefits. The EAP we were using before provided basically nothing - just a few sessions.

People Operations Leader

My Tava therapist is professional and straightforward. I also really love the online scheduling and virtual appts. Thank you for making it so accessible for me to finally focus on my mental health.”

Tava Client

When people hear we offer Tava, it's instant excitement and a sigh of relief that it's not something they have to worry about.

Benefits Manager

My therapist is amazing and available often. This process has removed a lot of the barriers to traditional in-office therapy, and it has given me the tools to succeed.”

Tava Client

I’ve loved using Tava and hope to take advantage of the service for a long time! It has given me different ways to deal with difficult situations which has improved my relationships with others.

Tava Client

Tele-therapy has been super easy and reduced a barrier to traveling to a therapist. The skills of the therapist I see have been a good fit for me. Now I have less anxiety and worry about my ability to do my job.

Tava Client

Therapy helps to become more aware of thinking errors and reframe negative thoughts. My relationships with my family and co-workers have improved as I have learned the skills to navigate demands required from my work and family life.

Tava Client

I love Tava health and the services they provide! I am their biggest cheerleader based on my own experience. Thank you for providing this for employees, it has made a world of difference during the pandemic.

Tava Client

Real Clients, Real Impact.
*photo changed for annonymity