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We work with benefit consultants to right-size a mental health program for your clients that takes in the balance of creating an accessible and affordable program.

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Our Process

We understand the challenges facing benefit brokers in providing comprehensive mental health coverage. That's why we've developed a streamlined approach that prioritizes simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness.

See how our process works:

Build a mental health strategy
Provide Insights of clients’ progress
Deliver health plan savings
Drive clinical improvements

We're revolutionizing how mental health support is delivered in today's fast-paced world.

Engaged Employees

Engagement compared to traditional EAP services

Lives Covered
+110 Mil

Lived covered across all 50 states in the US.

Proven Results

Of Tava members clinically improve or recover from symptoms of anxiety and depression

Return on investment

Tava pays for itself while employers see a decrease in medical claims and turnover.

We offer innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of benefit brokers and their clients.

We Solve

Tava Health can eliminate access challenges to in-network providers for your clients, pairing them with providers with 2-3 day access that plays nicely with their health plan.

We Enhance

Tava Health can enhance your current EAP and mental health benefits, providing a seamless member experience and effortless implementation for your clients.

We Customize

Let us suggest a personalized benefit design that merges our model with a client-specific network within your health plan, offering the most comprehensive mental health care benefit customized to your clients' objectives.

Let's take care of your people together.

See how Tava can help you increase retention, lower medical costs, and boost your culture by bringing care to your employees that need it most.

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