Premium mental healthcare without the premium fees

We help employers and their employees quickly and affordably access licensed therapists.

Investing in employee mental health pays off
When employers invest in quality therapy, they see measurable benefits, like 17% lower medical costs.
Quality therapy at employees’ fingertips
Employees can match with a therapist and self-schedule an appointment within 48 hours.
We’ll handle everything
Your team gets the care they need – without extra work for HR. Leave the paperwork and employee engagement to us.

Let’s take care of your people together

See how tava can help you increase retention, lower medical costs and boost your culture by bringing core to your employees that need it most

Designed to bring out the best in people.

We see Tava improving people’s lives every day. The best part? They tell us about it.

“Tava allows our employees to get the care they need at an affordable price and in a way that’s convenient for themselves and their family members.”

-Dir of People Operations, Lucid Software

“WCSD was among the best in the state and highest in the country in our effective retention of all employees during this national crisis.”

-Exec Dir of HR, Washington Country School District

“Tava’s platform is easy to use and conforms well to everyone’s schedule. Tava can treat a variety of conditions, including those that require medium to long-term care.”

-SVP People Operations, Health Catalyst

Real Clients, Real Impact.