Employee therapy benefits everyone

When employees get quality mental health care—without extra work for HR—everyone gets the support they need.

Tava partners with employers to make therapy easy and accessible

Investing in employee mental health pays off

When employers invest in quality therapy, they see measurable benefits. Like 17% lower medical costs!

Quality therapy at employees’ fingertips

Our private network of rigorously vetted therapists is just a click away. Employees can match with a therapist and self-schedule an appointment in minutes.

We’ll handle everything

Your team gets the care they need—without extra work for HR. Leave the paperwork and employee engagement to us.  We even integrate with your HRIS!

Let's close the employee
wellness gap

57% of
employees don’t
get the mental
health care they

Tava is mental health care for every employee.

57% of employees don’t get the mental health care they need. Tava is mental health care for every employee

Virtual therapy, with real benefits for everyone


Less likely to quit


Reported improvement in at-work productivity


Would not have gotten help without Tava

And if left untreated


More likely to go on disability


More medical claims


To be admitted to the hospital

How Tava works


Leave outreach
to us!

Leave outreach, onboarding, and support materials to us. We’ll tailor all of it to meet your employees’ needs and preferences.


Employees match with a licensed therapist

Connecting with Tava’s team of online therapists is fast, easy, and convenient. Need a same-day or after-hours appointment? No problem!


Employees get help any time, anywhere

Tava’s therapists provide personalized support, treatment plans, and even prescriptions through video chat or secure SMS messaging.


Tava supports HR with engagement and insights

89% of employees report improved mental health after using Tava

Good health is good business.

Lack of mental healthcare results in unplanned absences, higher medical costs, reduced productivity, and burnout that costs companies worldwide more than $1 trillion each year.

For every $1 employers invest in their employees’ mental healthcare, they see a $4 return in productivity.(1)  But the benefits of bridging the mental healthcare gap don’t end there.

(1) World Health Organization

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