Latest Product Updates from Tava Health

Latest Product Updates from Tava Health
Latest Product Updates from Tava Health

In-Person Therapy, Expanded Reach, and Enhanced Features with Tava Health

Quarterly Product Announcements

We’ve been busy making changes to our platform and expanding our network this past quarter. Take a look at some of what we did:

Expanded Market Reach by 14.8 Million

Tava Health is rapidly expanding it’s network to reach more lives everyday. This past quarter additional partnerships in Kansas, Michigan, Louisiana, Kansas City, North Carolina, Tennessee, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington D.C. empowers therapists on Tava to provide quality care to millions of individuals. Tava Health is helping lives in all 50 states – check if you’re covered.

In-Person Sessions

Tava Health started with virtual therapy to make care accessible no matter where you are, but in-person sessions are now supported through the platform. After a therapist adds an in-person practice location to their Tava profile preferences, the Tava team will submit it to insurance payers the therapist is enrolled with, and notify them once they are approved. Only therapists can schedule in-person sessions on behalf of clients. Learn more about setting up in-person sessions here.

Assessments Leveled Up

Tava is pleased to announce our new Tava Mental Health Assessment. Users are prompted to fill this assessment out during intake, and automatically every 4 weeks. Therapists can send assessments to clients at any time in messages as well. This more robust assessment still evaluates the same items from the Core 10 assessment that Tava previously used, but adds specific scoring for anxiety and depression. Not only are assessments leveling up, but now both therapists and clients can view the scores from the assessments in their dashboards. Clients can also choose to retake the assessment at anytime.

Enhanced Video Call Quality

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform now offers virtual backgrounds as well as a blurred background. Noise cancelation filters out background sounds from the call for crisper audio. Read all about Tava’s video platform here.

About Tava Health

Tava Health is not just a teletherapy platform; it's a beacon of hope for individuals seeking mental health support. With its innovative features, comprehensive support services, and strategic partnerships, Tava Health is breaking down barriers to care and reshaping the future of mental health. As the demand for accessible and effective mental health care continues to grow, Tava Health remains steadfast in our mission to empower individuals on their journey toward healing and resilience, and making therapy accessible to all.

Compared to traditional EAPs, Tava offers 12x higher engagement, 55% turnover reduction, and 92% improved mental health ratings (after just 4 sessions). We believe humans heal humans, not algorithms or impersonal apps. That’s why we’re the only mental healthcare platform passionately focused on quality of care. Our care providers are not just vetted; they're chosen for their education, experience, methodologies, and diversity. This vetting process doesn't stop at onboarding; it's a continuous commitment to ensuring the highest standard of care on our platform.

July 2, 2024

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