How Tava Health Became the Crown Jewel of Employee Benefits

April 19, 2024

In an era where employee well-being is paramount, Benefits Data Trust (BDT) and Tava Health have emerged as pioneering forces, reshaping the landscape of employee benefits. Through their strategic partnership, these organizations have not only provided essential mental health resources but have also fostered a culture of support, resilience, and compassion within their workforce.

Alyssa Wagner, Chief People Officer at BDT, recognized the importance of prioritizing employee well-being, identifying mental health as a critical pillar alongside physical and financial health. With frontline workers facing the emotional toll of assisting vulnerable populations, BDT sought a solution to alleviate compassion fatigue and support staff through challenging interactions. Tava Health emerged as the ideal partner, offering personalized counseling and resources tailored to employees' needs.

With Sadora Thomas, HR Administrator, leading the charge, BDT embraced a holistic approach to promote Tava Health's services. Leveraging various communication channels, including onboarding sessions, internal forums, and employee resource groups, BDT ensured widespread awareness and accessibility. By seamlessly integrating Tava Health into every touchpoint of the employee journey, BDT fostered a culture where mental health support was not only available but actively encouraged.

Driving Adoption and Engagement

BDT's commitment to employee well-being yielded remarkable results. With 105 out of 240 employees actively utilizing Tava Health's services, the nonprofit organization has witnessed a remarkable 50% increase in employee engagement compared to the previous year. Furthermore, boasting an outstanding 98% satisfaction rate among employees, Tava Health has become synonymous with excellence in mental health support. Through strategic initiatives like mental health awareness sessions and continuous communication, BDT empowered employees to prioritize their mental health without stigma or barriers. The genuine enthusiasm and advocacy from employees further reinforced Tava Health's value, creating a ripple effect of support and engagement across the organization.

Employee Endorsement

Tava Health as the "Crown Jewel": The resounding praise from employees underscores the transformative impact of Tava Health's services. Described as the "crown and jewels" of the benefits offering, Tava Health has become more than just a resource; it has become an indispensable pillar of support and resilience within organizations.

“I personally have not heard any type of complaints. If anything, I've seen people still promoting it, still love it. - Sadora Thomas, HR Administrator for Benefits Data Trust

Measuring Impact

Beyond utilization metrics, BDT observed tangible improvements in employee morale, productivity, and resilience. By addressing anxiety and stress through Tava Health's services, employees felt supported during challenging periods, such as organizational transitions and layoffs. The alignment of organizational values with tangible benefits strengthened employee loyalty and retention, positioning BDT as an employer of choice within the nonprofit sector.

Retention and Cost Savings 

Beyond the intangible benefits of improved morale and productivity, Tava Health has delivered tangible results for organizations. By helping retain six employees through its comprehensive mental health support, Tava Health contributed to an estimated savings of $250,000 in recruitment and training costs. This underscores the pivotal role of mental health initiatives in fostering employee loyalty and organizational stability.

Fostering a Culture of Care

"It's always been important to focus on an employee's well-being... I thought of it as three main pillars: health well-being, mental health, and financial health." - Alyssa Wagner, Chief People Officer at Benefits Data Trust

One of the most striking outcomes of BDT's partnership with Tava Health was the organic integration of mental health support into the organizational culture. Employees proactively recommended Tava Health to peers, demonstrating a deep sense of camaraderie and compassion. This grassroots advocacy underscored the authenticity of BDT's commitment to employee well-being, resonating with both current and prospective staff members.

Benefits Data Trust's collaboration with Tava Health exemplifies a transformative approach to employee benefits and organizational culture. By recognizing the importance of mental health support and prioritizing employee well-being, BDT has not only enhanced its value proposition but also cultivated a workplace where compassion, resilience, and support thrive. As organizations across industries strive to prioritize employee wellness, BDT and Tava Health stand as beacons of hope, paving the way for a brighter, more compassionate future in the realm of employee benefits.

Note: This case study was created based on an interview transcript provided by Benefits Data Trust and Tava Health. All quotes and information are derived from the interview and have been used with permission.

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