Enhancing Employee Well-being at Kodiak with Tava Health

June 25, 2024

Kodiak, a company renowned for its commitment to wholesome food and an active lifestyle, takes the well-being of its employees seriously. With a mission to inspire and support its team in living wilder, wide-open lives, Kodiak has integrated various wellness programs into its company culture. One notable initiative is its partnership with Tava Health to provide comprehensive mental health support to its employees.

Website: https://kodiakcakes.com/

Industry: Food & Beverages

Company size: 160 employees

The Problem

Maintaining high levels of employee well-being and retention in a dynamic workplace is challenging. With increasing stress levels and mental health issues exacerbated by modern work demands, Kodiak recognized the need for a robust mental health support system. While they offered various wellness benefits, they needed a dedicated partner to address the mental health aspect more effectively. Kelly Cameron, People Operations Manager, recalls seeking out a mental health benefit that was “beyond an EAP” as employees expressed wanting more support.

The Solution

Kodiak partnered with Tava Health in 2023 to offer their employees accessible, high-quality mental health services. This partnership included:

  • 24 free therapy sessions annually for employees and their spouses or domestic partners.
  • Comprehensive mental health support, including therapies for common issues like anxiety, depression, and adaptive disorders.
  • Regular educational initiatives to remind employees of available mental health resources.
  • Resources to promote benefit adoption, such as posters, emails, and flyers.

Kelly Cameron highlights that the availability of virtual care was critical for their remote population, citing, “it’s easily accessible for everyone.”

So happy with these sessions. Feel like I'm getting somewhere in therapy for the very first time.” - Kodiak Employee

The Results

The introduction of Tava Health has had a significant positive impact on Kodiak’s workforce:

  • High Satisfaction Rates: 99% of Kodiak employees using Tava Health rated the service four stars or higher.
  • Enhanced Retention: Data indicated that employees utilizing Tava Health benefits were more likely to stay with the company, contributing to lower turnover rates. For 2023, Kodiak saved between approximately $112k to $168k from employee retention.
  • Positive Employee Feedback: Employees shared personal success stories, highlighting the ease of finding the right therapist and the benefits of continued mental health support.
  • Holistic Wellness Integration: Tava Health became a key component of Kodiak’s broader wellness strategy, complementing other initiatives like their Bear Bucks wellness stipend.
  • High Utilization Rates: A high utilization rate of 45%, indicating strong engagement with the service.

Marcelle Miller, Chief People Officer at Kodiak, emphasized the value of this partnership, saying, "Not only does [Tava Health] feel like the right thing to do to support our people, but it's also having a positive impact on our business."

“Tava has a big focus on inclusion and equity, which we really value here. We wanted something that aligned with our values, and that’s how it came to be.” - Kelly Cameron, People Operations Manager for Kodiak

Kodiak’s partnership with Tava Health exemplifies how investing in comprehensive mental health benefits can significantly improve employee well-being and retention. By offering accessible and high-quality mental health services, Kodiak has created a supportive environment that values the whole person, not just the employee.

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